CareerBuddy is a Free Learning App. It also provides Free Job Searching and Job Posting capabilities. It is very useful for Students, Teachers, Employees and Recruiters. It helps you in every aspect of your Career starting from learning new technology to getting a dream job.

CareerBuddy can support vast database of job openings in any industry. You can search jobs or post jobs here for free. Not only companies but also employees can post jobs here to earn Referral Bonus. Your post will help some one in need of job.

Using CareerBuddy one can Learn Computer Languages such as C, C++, Java, .NET, Android Development etc. It has vast list of Articles and Videos about different concepts in that particular technology. Those articles and videos are Indexed sequentially like a book, which gives you same experience as reading a book and attending a class room. You don't have to purchase and carry books. Just install this App and Learn On-the-go.

CareerBuddy also has number of Multiple Choice Questions(MCQs) on different technologies which you can practice or take Mock Exams. They will help you to Prepare for Exam or Prepare for Interview.

Teachers or recruiters can easily Create Exams to assess candidates depth of knowledge. Can be helpful for taking technical tests during Campus Recruitment.

Feature List

  • Learn using Articles, Videos and Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ).
  • Prepare for Exams: by practicing and taking mock exams of MCQs.
  • Can support Surprise Tests or Tests during Recruitment.
  • Search and Post Jobs.
  • Apply for Jobs.
  • Share Jobs, Articles and Videos with friends.
  • List of books.